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Today’s environment is challenging marketers as never before. Local marketing is more complex. Customer and prospect data is available but often not easily used. Marketing mediums are prolific, but disconnected. Consumers no longer accept media messages, they expect to define and engage with them.
Enter MarketPort. MarketPort is the marketing asset management platform designed to help you enforce global brand guidelines while letting distributed marketers deliver tailored, multi-channel marketing messages to their local markets.
Distributed Marketing - One Platform. All Channels.

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More than 100 leading brands use solutions powered by Saepio. Our clients cross all industries. Many are franchise systems. Many have authorized dealer or agent networks. Many are hospital systems. Others are manufacturers with a branded product and chain retailers, marketing services providers or advertising agencies. No matter the industry or audience of focus, Saepio’s marketing platform works. Simply and powerfully.

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Local Relevance

With MarketPort, corporate marketing can enforce global brand guidelines while letting their distributed marketing network deliver tailored marketing messages to their local markets. Corporate marketing teams can offer local marketers the latitude they require – whether to change contact details, promotional offers, pricing, photos or headlines – while still ensuring that brand standards are met. The result is more effective messaging at the local level and, as a result, better results.
MarketPort’s cross media dynamic content creation engine ensures that the right message is created in the right medium for the right audience at the right time. Whether content is versioned through a point-and-click web interface by a local marketer, automatically localized, generated and fulfilled via campaign management or connected to an analytics driven content creation process, MarketPort makes dynamic content generation easy for all parties involved.
Gone are the challenges of manually ensuring message and timeline coordination across multiple platforms and vendors. MarketPort was built from the ground up to support multi-channel marketing for distributed marketing networks. With MarketPort, creating everything from an outbound email campaign to a digital display ad to in-store signage is simple and fast. An intuitive user interface takes the local marketer through each step from customization to fulfillment.
Distributed Marketing Local Relevance

Brand Consistency

How can you protect your brand when it’s in someone else’s hands? That’s the challenge of today’s distributed marketing manager. Marketing asset management technology like MarketPort can help you empower your local marketers to be both brand advocators and brand protectors.
With MarketPort, digital asset management (images, graphics, copy, etc.) is simpler and more consistent. The result is unprecedented control over your brand all the way down through local marketers to localized customization. You set your brand’s parameters including what can and cannot be modified, so you stay brand-compliant and always in control.
Robust user management ensures that only the right individuals have access to the right content. Robust content management functionality ensures that only current content is utilized across the marketing network. For example, if you change a brand message within MarketPort, that message is automatically and instantly updated not only for future content but also within all the ads/materials previously versioned in your local marketers’ personal libraries.
Distributed Marketing Brand Consistency

Cost Savings

Corporate marketers today are being challenged as never before to lower budgets and maximize return on marketing investment. Instead of just cutting media spend, astute marketers are first looking to streamline operations. Many are finding marketing asset management to be a key starting point.
Marketing automation functionality within MarketPort eliminates repetitive, labor intensive and expensive processes. MarketPort reduces or eliminates speed barriers at every step – from streamlining delivery of assets and approvals to resizing and versioning.
Getting marketing messages to consumers quickly has always been a top priority. Today, marketing asset management technology makes that profoundly easy. With MarketPort, a new message can be entered once and seconds later be available for local marketers to output and place in the hands of consumers.
Distributed Marketing Cost Savings


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