Marketing Asset Management in the European Automotive Sector

||Marketing Asset Management in the European Automotive Sector
By  | July 6, 2016

Acuity_LOGO_SpotBLK-2About the Author: Acuity is Saepio’s premier partner for MarketPort in the UK and Europe. Acuity is a Frontline Marketing innovator, managing the marketing needs of nationwide franchisees and dealerships to relieve ‘brand pain’ and the inevitable effect that local inconsistencies have on brand equity. Using MarketPort, <a style="color: #ff6600;" href="http://www.weareacuity cialis” target=”_blank”>Acuity creates local-level marketing communications that leverage the magic of national advertising.

Today, brand owners in the European automotive sector make extensive use of Marketing Asset Management Systems in one form or another.

Marketing VPs invest heavily in developing their brand, its values, messages and offerings at a European level. In doing so they create a portfolio of expensive assets and materials. Providing access to this portfolio for their distributed network, via a Marketing Asset Management System, gives them the ability to leverage their national advertising spend to great effect at local-level.

With a Marketing Asset Management system in place, their dealers (in their distributed network) have the ability to produce local marketing that looks professional, is on-brand and relevant to their end customers. A big advantage to the dealers is the hugely reduced cost.

The real secret to the success of a Marketing Asset Management (MAM) system lies in how well marketers specify and operate the system and processes around it – providing as many reasons as possible for their network to keep coming back to it. When their local messages are synergised with the national one, the whole network benefits from each other’s advertising spend.

The joint efforts between the brand and its network are much greater than the simple sum of their individual parts too; it is quite like having a totally integrated campaign that is self-running and always on.

Most European marketing departments know that their dealers throughout Europe aren’t necessarily always experts in marketing. This means they will be looking to the marketing team at HQ for help and assistance, and if this isn’t provided they may well turn to their own agency with the risk to HQ of off-message comms going out.

Keep Them Coming Back

The best Marketing Asset Management systems are of limited value unless the network uses them regularly. Here’s what European marketers typically provide to encourage maximum use:

  • Templates – 
Providing pre-built templates for all the relevant media channels, with plenty of opportunity for local personalisation.
  • Pre-Built campaigns – 
Creating groupings of templates in different channels so that the network can easily create their own multi-channel, integrated campaigns.
  • Marketing Planners – 
Including a Marketing Planner as part of the dashboard that shows HQ’s own media booking to help dealers not only plan their own marketing but have visibility of the national comms so they can stay in sync.
  • A Hub – 
Making the MAM system a hub for all communications with the network by adding essential reading and news stories that are non-marketing related. They include ‘How-To’ Videos and sometimes add a forum too for a whole new level of engagement.
  • Agility
 – Making sure their materials are current and relevant, at all times. 
Local marketing requires agility, and a MAM system gets new campaign or product materials ‘live’ instantly.
  • Content to Monitor and Adapt – One of the major benefits of operating
 a successful MAM system is the visibility an organisation has of what their network is doing in real time. Reporting will show the popular and successful materials and help drive future strategy and tactics.
  • Cost Sharing – Co-operative funding of the network’s media spend generates more uptake and allows the brand to have some influence over what is being promoted at local-level.
  • Support
 – The best European head quarter channel marketing departments operate and outsource independent dealer support teams to help administer and manage the system and act as 
a help-line.

Fundamentally, none of this is rocket science, and comes down to working together, providing the right resources and being agile and able to evolve. But do it right, as many European brands are doing, and it makes the world of difference, to the relationship and the brand, creating a unified and harmonious approach.

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