FedEx Integration in Latest Software Release

||FedEx Integration in Latest Software Release
By  | May 12, 2016
fedex integrationAs a corporate marketer, it’s often difficult to ensure your brand is cohesive throughout the ecosystem of your organization. Making things as easy as possible for your distributed marketing network is the surest way to get brand compliant pieces into your consumer’s hands. If you don’t provide your local marketer an easy, fast and effective way to generate marketing collateral, they ultimately find their own way to do it.
That’s exactly why we are constantly innovating to bring easy to use functionality to the market for our clients.
In our latest release of MarketPort we are proud to offer integration to FedEx Office so that your local marketers can get their marketing collateral ordered and printed faster than ever. Not only that, but the integration enables the local marketer to enter their zip code and find the closest FedEx Office location to provide cheaper shipping rates. The integration is a strategic partnership with FedEx Office, sure… but for us, partnerships aren’t just about having a partner logo on our website. Our partnerships have to actually address a need for our clients.
In talking with our prospects and clients we learned that while many of them had a corporate printer, they still had a large number of local marketers downloading and sending files to local printers. In many of these cases they were sending to the FedEx Office down the road. And, in many of these cases, the corporate brand already had a FedEx Office Corporate Rate that the local marketers could be taking advantage of!
The process of the local marketer manually downloading their file and submitting an order with the local FedEx Office was also error prone. The local marketer may download and upload the piece immediately to the FedEx Office cart, but could still order the wrong paper, size, cut, binding, etc. With all the potential variables, it’s so much easier for these local marketers to just not have to worry about it at all. 

Putting the onus back on that corporate marketer to make all the decisions about paper, size, cut, etc. does two things:

1. It takes all the fuss out for the local marketer and allows them to even more quickly customize and order their items and,

2. It puts the corporate marketer at ease knowing that all these choices have already been made and they don’t have to worry about their brand being misrepresented in any way.

These two points are essentially what we hang our hat on here at Saepio.

We want to enable the local marketer. These are the folks who are truly busy working the floor and making those local sales and honestly don’t have the time to be a dedicated marketer. We want to provide them with ready-to-use professional, brand complaint marketing materials. 
On the flip side of that, we also want to put the corporate marketers mind at ease. They have spent valuable time and money on building their brand equity and a brand name that consumers can trust. We want to ensure their brand materials are disseminated quickly, efficiently and with the right message at the right time.  
Ultimately, this integration with FedEx Office is one more way that we’re able to achieve peace of mind for our clients and future clients. 
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