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At Saepio we pride ourselves on building superior technology and providing best-in-class service. Saepio MarketPort is the premiere Marketing Asset Management platform for distributed marketing organizations…those with local marketers, franchisees, authorized dealer networks, agent marketing and chain retail stores. It helps ensure strong brand compliance, allows localization of brand content across all channels, enables speed to market, and lowers costs. Most importantly though, it makes it all easy.
Marketing Asset Management
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Digital Asset Management Made for Marketing

At the foundation of MarketPort is a Digital Asset Management system designed especially for distributed marketing. MarketPort’s DAM enables teams to work more efficiently.  It simplifies distribution of marketing content across divisions and from corporate to local. It increases the efficiency of graphic designers. It ensures proper rights management. It provides easy access to digital assets that can be reused or repurposed at a fraction of the cost and time to create new materials. Whether images, illustrations, documents, graphic design files, copy, planning files or other marketing resources, MarketPort’s DAM lets you put your marketing assets to work.

MarketPort Digital Asset Management


  • Supports storage of any file type
  • Check In/Check Out
  • Version Control
  • Asset Associations to Templates
  • Format Conversions
  • Enhanced Metadata and Attribute Tagging
  • Publish/Unpublish
  • Rights Management
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Dynamic Content Creation

How do you manage your brand when it’s in someone else’s hands?

Saepio MarketPort’s Dynamic Content Creation capabilities eliminate the need for corporate marketing to create multiple versions of marketing content from scratch. Dynamic content creation also offers a means to automate the enforcement of brand guidelines while letting local marketers deliver tailored marketing messages to their specific regions.

In a dynamic content approach, marketing content is viewed not as finished documents but rather as templates with marketing objects that will come together to create the finished document. Corporate marketing designs the templates and decides what the local marketer will be able to edit. These pre-loaded templates can make it easy for a franchisee, dealer, or regional office to change what they need to optimize their marketing efforts without having to do ad hoc copywriting or design. Certain customizations can also be made to the template automatically based on the user accessing it – such as populating an address or a logo. Ultimately, corporate marketing teams can offer regional groups the latitude they require – whether to change contact details, promotional offers, pricing, photos, or headlines – while constraining how logos are used, which colors and fonts are employed, etc.

Multi-Channel: Print, Email, Digital, Mobile

MarketPort’s dynamic content creation capabilities extend across all channels – print ads, direct mail, social, email, digital display ads and SMS. In a world where consumers expect consistent messaging across all channels, it’s important to choose a platform that allow multi-channel content creation. With MarketPort, multi-channel content creation is not only possible but amazingly easy and provides a compelling advantage at both the corporate and local level.

  • Supports html, text, print and Flash templates
  • Content can be automatically driven by campaign management systems and other external databases
  • Patented nested template functionality
  • Advanced cropping and resizing technology
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MarketPort Dynamic Content Creation

Fulfillment Automation

Workflow that Flows

In most companies, the marketing materials supply chain is complex, fragmented, and filled with processes that are highly manual, time-consuming, and costly. Excessive costs, high levels of obsolescence waste, marketing content that is delivered too slowly or are simply unavailable when needed, and the use of outdated messages are just some of the consequences of an inefficient marketing materials supply chain.

Marketing fulfillment automation eliminates many of the labor intensive human demands typically associated with the marketing supply chain by automating redundant processes. It streamlines ordering and payment, helps reduce errors and expedites production and delivery of marketing communications.

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Features Include:
  • Approval Routing
  • Multi-Vendor Routing
  • Multi-Vendor Payment
  • Flexible Payment and Budget Management
MarketPort Fulfillment Automation


Because Connected is Better

measuring-results-saepioSimplified, streamlined workflows can be the difference between a corporate and local marketing nightmare and a perfectly humming system.  With the CMO predicted to outspend the CTO by 2017, it is more important than ever that marketing systems be able to integrate with one another. That’s why MarketPort was designed to be extensible. Our flexible integration framework allows us to rapidly develop and deploy integrations with external systems, including identity providers, Content Management Systems, CRMs, Campaign Management, Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) systems and product databases.

One example of an integration that Saepio has completed is with The Saepio MarketPort app (available in the AppExchange) allows local marketers to access MarketPort directly within and also create campaign lists from Leads or Contacts.

MarketPort Integration Framework
Integrations can include:
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Campaign Management Tools
  • Product Information Database
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Managed Services

We’re Flexible


Implementing MarketPort is both comprehensive and fast. Applying best practices from our deep client experience, our dedicated implementation team will get to work right away on your system design, asset migration and initial template content. As your system is being built, we educate your administrators, content creators and end-users on how to get the most out of the Saepio platform. You’ll be up and running quickly- allowing your organization to achieve value sooner rather than later.

Managed Services

At Saepio, we understand that a successful platform extends beyond the technology and are committed to helping clients in any capacity. Depending on your goals, we offer different levels of service to help you and your team with MarketPort. For example, some clients choose the minimum support level, which means they run the platform and we provide tips, tricks and improvement consultation along the way. Others choose the maximum support level where we help build content, administer the solution and complete in-depth reporting. In the end, we are happy to tailor our offering to help meet your specific needs.

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MarketPort Implementation