Challenges within franchise marketing are abundant. A single brand identity is critical, yet at the same time, franchisees must all put their own, unique stamps on marketing materials and messages to meet their local marketing needs.

MarketPort provides the framework corporate marketing managers need in order to enable franchise marketing. When properly aligned through a platform such as MarketPort, franchisees can extend the brand value into local activities such as mall-based promotions, local holiday events, and more. Plus, local store managers can trigger same day traffic-building campaigns in response to local factors corporate can’t predict such as a local snowy or rainy day.

MarketPort can also ensure full compliance with in-store marketing, enabling franchisees to easily create shelf signage, register flyers or bag stuffers for clearance or other store-specific events. This freedom-within-a-framework provides the perfect blend needed to merge corporate marketers and local store managers into a single, powerful marketing force.

Highlights of MarketPort for franchise systems:
  • Franchisees can easily localize brand compliant point-of-sale communications.
  • Web-based, point-and-click content versioning for the on-the-go marketer.
  • One location for all things marketing – sale signage, register fliers, door hangers, EDDM, email, traffic builder social posts and more.
  • Integration of product information from external sources.
  • Marketing fulfillment automation makes local campaigns easy to implement.
Sapeio MarketPort for Franchise Marketing
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