The ever-increasing demands on healthcare marketers lead to one conclusion: Something has to give. Resources are down, demands are up and deadlines tightened.

In response, proactive marketers today are actively reassessing how healthcare marketing gets done. What they are discovering is that a dynamic content generation process powered by Saepio MarketPort can streamline workflow and automate time-stealing marketing processes.

MarketPort can serve as a marketing platform for the healthcare marketing team and the hospital system as a whole. Marketing asset management technology within MarketPort empowers a much broader audience – clinicians, physician practices, ancillary departments, patient care professionals – to perform marketing tasks themselves, yet in a more controlled manner. The technology dramatically reduces time and costs of repeatable marketing processes by sharing resources across the entire healthcare system. Finally, it connects all mediums into a single, coordinated, shared platform to ensure integrated messaging, legal compliance and streamlined processes.

Healthcare marketers who choose Saepio receive:
  • An onboarding process for newly added healthcare systems. Saepio’s turnkey process can almost instantaneously create all the content that is needed for rebranding and onboarding a newly added system or provider.
  • A branded, single location for all things marketing. Your MarketPort marketing asset management solution will be the hub for your brand and all applications of it system wide.
  • Best-in-class change management and end-user adoption services. Saepio utilizes proven methodologies for end-user training and onboarding so that you experience the benefits of the new platform quickly.
  • Content strategy consulting and implementation support. Saepio team members will help you apply best-practice design to your brand-focused marketing content hub.
  • Ongoing support. A named healthcare Account Director and team at Saepio will assist with ongoing solution development and management, providing an experienced, reassuring support resource that’s always just a phone call away.
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