What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Distributed Marketing

||What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Distributed Marketing
By  | July 19, 2016

olympics-distributed-marketingThe Olympic Games are a phenomenon that captures the attention of millions worldwide. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro on August 5-21 will enjoy record viewership worldwide that will no doubt surpass viewership of the London Games in 2012. This year will be particularly interesting due to the new opportunities offered by social media for fans to watch, connect and engage with the Games and its athletes.

There is much to be learned from the Olympics from a marketing perspective. In addition to seeing the new ways brands are attempting to attract and engage consumers, there are all the elements that the International Olympic Committee has employed to grow the Games since they were re-established in 1896. For those managing marketing across distributed networks of franchisees, dealers or distributors, there are many techniques that can be used to improve participation and the effectiveness of your program.

Building Excitement

The Olympic season actually starts several months prior to the Games with the lighting of the torch in Olympia, Greece. As the torch is carried from Greece to the host city of the Games, excitement and interest builds. The torch relay ultimately culminates in the opening ceremony – the most watched Olympic live event. It’s a spectacle on the grandest of scales.

Distributed marketing lesson: When launching any new program or initiative in your distributed marketing network, begin socializing it early in advance of a launch at an event like your annual conference. This will build interest and excitement in the new effort, easing change management. We see many of our clients take this approach when rolling out a new marketing asset management platform. They begin promoting the platform several weeks or months in advance and even appoint several “torch bearers” (power users) to beta test ahead of the launch.

Go for the Gold

The Olympics will feature world-class athletes from countries all over the world. Only a few will earn a gold medal in their event but all dream of going for the gold. In addition to the athletes, the fans get into the competitive spirit, pulling for their country to bring home the most medals.

Distributed marketing lesson: You can appeal to the competitive nature of your distributed marketers. A marketing asset management platform makes it easy to roll out a game or a contest to distributed marketers like franchisees or agents. Keep and share the scores and in much the same way as the Olympics, celebrate the winners. Don’t neglect to share with them how they are helping the overall brand too.

Human-interest Stories

One of the most popular aspects of the Olympics is learning the stories of the Olympians. It’s amazing to learn their struggle and sacrifice for a shot at glory. Our connection and interest in the Games is deepened through these stories.

Distributed marketing lesson: Storytelling is magic in marketing. What’s time consuming is discovering local stories that deserve recognition. Fortunately, with a marketing asset management platform, you have an established communications link with all your distributed marketers. You can make it easy for them to get the necessary legal approvals to share these stories and create brand compliant campaigns around them. Reporting and archiving capabilities allow the stories to be indexed for potential future use in broader brand campaigns.

Innovation on Display

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will feature a number of innovations and brands will be experimenting with all new ways to engage consumers. For example, for the first time, the Olympic Broadcasting Service will broadcast high-definition images of the opening and closing ceremony in virtual reality.

Distributed marketing lesson: You have to embrace the new and innovate when possible. That can be a shift into digital video, an experiment with social media or a co-op with a competitor. A marketing asset management platform makes it easy to run these experiments at scale. The key is to keep innovating. Need proof? Just consider how much that mobile and social have evolved since the London Games in 2012.

Effective, brand-compliant distributed marketing can be transformative for a business. Local can offer a unique perspective that is closer to the consumer. But don’t discount the fact that it often takes a bit of marketing just to get and keep the program running. With a marketing asset management platform, you can more effectively engage your distributed marketing network and equip them with the tools to be successful.

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