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We work exclusively with organizations that have distributed marketing networks. We understand their needs and the challenges they face when trying to enable local marketers. Over the years we have established a vast library of resources to help those searching for a marketing asset management solution. From case studies to white papers to videos, you’ll find it here. And we’re continually adding more, so check back often.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Marketer Resources
Companies with distributed marketing networks rely on people or groups like field sales, insurance agents, distributors, franchisees, store managers or dealers to market the brand on their behalf. Distributed marketers may not be marketers at all, yet they have a need to customize and localize marketing content for their unique needs. Saepio MarketPort was designed to make distributed marketing effective, engaging and easy for these non-marketers, while also giving the corporate marketing team piece of mind that brand standards will remain intact.
Marketing Asset Management combines digital asset management, dynamic content creation and marketing fulfillment automation into a single integrated platform, such as Saepio MarketPort. Saepio actually coined the term Marketing Asset Management over 10 years ago with its legacy product, Marketing Asset Manager (MAM).
Yes, MarketPort is offered as Software as a Service. MarketPort is hosted in the cloud so you only pay a monthly subscription fee to access it – no costly infrastructure to purchase and maintain.
No, Saepio is not a fulfillment house. Saepio has a unique spot in the market in that we are a technology company whose primary concern is the client’s flexibility. We are not an agency, printer, or fulfillment company whose technology is licensed to drive revenue in their primary businesses of marketing services, pages printed, or marketing products delivered. Rather than prescribing an agency, creative team, printer/fulfillment provider, or even an administrator of our own technology, we drive choices for our clients. The client has the freedom to choose those providers themselves, and has the leverage to get the best possible services at the best possible investment. Of course, if requested, Saepio can make these connections on behalf of the client.
No! We built MarketPort to be easy to use so that you can completely administer the platform if you want. Rather than driving services revenue to support a technology, Saepio has chosen instead to drive our technology to eliminate the need for as much services.

Case Studies


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