It’s time to upgrade
your marketing.

The only thing certain about marketing today is that it’s changing. Exponentially faster. With new channels, new technologies and new engagement opportunities constantly refreshing what’s possible and what’s next, the perpetual state of upgrade is on – for your corporate team and your local marketers. So how do you keep up? How do you easily build and run campaigns? And how do you manage your brand across multiple channels and local markets while maintaining world-class standards? The answer is MarketPort. A new platform for running your corporate marketing campaigns and your distributed marketing network.

Multichannel Integration

Easily integrate and execute across multiple channels.

Every aspect of MarketPort is interconnected. Which means you and your team can work more efficiently and intuitively. Email drives to your landing page and an automatic follow-up (i.e., a digital display ad). Direct mail drives to the Internet. Social media engagements boost your brand and your traffic. MarketPort guides you and your team through each asset, enabling cross-channel integration opportunities at every turn. So creating and executing your campaigns is easier than ever, whether you’re managing everything at corporate or working through local marketers. It’s true marketing integration backed by comprehensive analytics so you can see how each aspect of your campaign performs and feeds into the other.  Connected is Better.

Automated Intelligence

Streamline delivery of assets and approvals. Report on use.

MarketPort reduces or eliminates speed barriers at every step – from streamlining delivery of assets and approvals, resizing and versioning. You can even set up automatic responses to consumer requests or roll out new campaigns to your distributed marketing team. With MarketPort’s campaign fulfillment manager, all the details throughout the process are managed. Just build your plan and it’s executed. Flawlessly. So you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Brand Control

Centralize your marketing assets, make them available for local market customization, control your brand.

With MarketPort, your marketing is centralized, so asset management (images, graphics, copy, etc.) is simpler and more consistent. The result is unprecedented control over your brand all the way down through local marketers to localized customization. You set your brand’s parameters including what can and cannot be modified, so you stay brand-compliant and always in control.

Localized Delivery

Local marketing made easy with MarketPort.

MarketPort’s customization tools deliver regional, local and even one-to-one experiences for your customers. The entire system can also be tied into your customer data sources to deliver unique messaging aligned with their knowledge and habits. The result? Your messages get more specific and your brand’s audience becomes more engaged.

Simple to Use

Intuitive interface, dashboard, and step-by-step process make it easy to create marketing materials.

With MarketPort, creating everything from a simple outbound email to a full campaign gives you step-by-step exposure to each part of the process. An intuitive user interface shows you how your marketing materials are changing as you go. A user dashboard outlines quickly what’s available and where you left off on current projects. And the calendar allows scheduling of marketing materials, to-dos and more to keep your marketing team on track and on schedule.