Taking Control of Your Message in Distributed Marketing Environments

||Taking Control of Your Message in Distributed Marketing Environments
By  | January 26, 2016

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B2B2C Distributed Marketing

Manufacturing marketing is tricky. You spend countless hours figuring out and fine-tuning your strategy. You have the Four P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – nailed. You have done the research and collected the data to know exactly the message that will resonate with consumers. But then you have to hand it all off to someone else. You have to put your trust in the channel partners that are so central to the “place” component of your distributed marketing strategy.

Distributed marketing can sometimes be like a game of “telephone.” As your message passes from distributor to dealer to retailer, it changes. Sometimes by the time it reaches the consumer it is nothing like what you originally intended. That message that you put so much time and effort into developing – that you put blood, sweat and tears into – is gone!

The answer is not to simply cut the channel out of marketing. There are no economies of scale in centralizing marketing content creation for a partner network. You only increase overhead, lengthen turn times and frustrate your partners. No, instead you need to put tools in place that enable your partner network to market your products while keeping the brand image and messaging in tact. In this scenario, everyone wins. Sales increase. Customers are more loyal. Your channel partners love you.

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