Saepio’s Top 5 Downloads of 2015

||Saepio’s Top 5 Downloads of 2015
By  | January 5, 2016


Saepio’s Top 5 Most Downloaded Resources of 2015

Happy New Year! This week we are sharing a roundup of the Top 5 Downloaded Resources of 2015. These resources have helped organizations take control of their brand while extending their marketing reach. We invite you to download all 5 valuable resources today!

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top5Frost & Sullivan: The Road to Brand Effectiveness

Marketers are constantly challenged by workflows that are growing increasingly complex in the digital age. How do these marketers create strong brand collateral in today’s fast-paced business environment?

top5MAM vs. DAM

While you may be familiar with Digital Asset Management, you might not be aware that there is a better option out there for your marketing needs. In this free infographic and paper, we’ll explore: What is DAM and what is MAM, specific differences and which technology is best for your application.

top5Frost & Sullivan: The Need for a New Prescription

In a new white paper from Frost & Sullivan, industry experts explore how marketing asset management technology can help healthcare marketers overcome challenges when dealing with consolidation and new alignments of hospitals.

top5Leveraging the Power of Analytics in Local Marketing

Everywhere you turn, the analytics buzz is waiting. Odds are you’ve used the word analytics once or twice in a meeting in the last week or two. So what are analytics, and how do they apply to local marketing?

top5Automating Marketing Localization
Today, marketing localization is a cumbersome, difficult and time-consuming process for most organizations. Automating marketing localization can help cut costs and boost sales.